1.0.0 (2019-12-16)

  • Update: Citation info now points to SciPost paper (#61)

  • Added: parameters col_formats and col_headers to customize the output of krotov.info_hooks.print_table (#65)

  • Added: info-hooks now have access to the additional arguments propagator, chi_constructor, mu, sigma, iter_start, and iter_stop (#66)

  • Added: parameter keep_original_objectives to krotov.objectives.ensemble_objectives (#67)

  • Added: “Related Software” in the documentation

  • Update: Documentation is now hosted on gh-pages and deployed by Doctr (#68)

0.5.0 (2019-12-04)

  • Update: Documentation now contains all information from https://arxiv.org/abs/1902.11284v5

  • Added: Allow to pass args to time-dependent control functions (#56, thanks to @timohillmann)

  • Changed: Renamed krotov.structural_conversions to krotov.conversions

  • Bugfix: Crash when krotov.optimize_pulses is called with iter_stop=0 (#58)

  • Added: krotov.result.Result is now exposed at the top level of the API, as krotov.Result (#59, thanks to @nathanshammah)

  • Added: str-representation of krotov.result.Result now includes the total running time (#60, thanks to @nathanshammah)

0.4.1 (2019-10-11)

0.4.0 (2019-10-08)

  • Added: Support for Python 3.7

  • Changed: The 'shape' key in pulse_options was renamed to 'update_shape', to further avoid confusion between pulse shapes and update shapes.

  • Changed: The .adjoint property of Objective is now a method

  • Added: Ability to not use QuTiP Qobj objects, but arbitrary low-level objects instead.

  • Improved: Printing an Objective now uses internal counters and a symbolic notation to identify objects shared between different objectives. (#43)

  • Improved: gate_objectives now takes into account if target states are (reshuffled) basis states and does not create unnecessary new copies.

  • Bugfix: Two Objective instances that contain numpy arrays as controls can now be compared with == (#44)

  • Bugfix: Custom attributes (such as weight) are now preserved when copying an Objective (#44)

  • Bugfix: Calling copy.deepcopy on an Objective now preserves control functions (#44)

  • Improved: The Objective.mesolve and Objective.propagate methods can now receive arguments H and c_ops to override the respective attributes of the objectives. This make is easier to analyze perform a robustness analysis, where the result of an optimization should be propagated under a perturbed Hamiltonian.

  • Improved: The print_table and print_debug_information info-hooks now flush their output buffers after each iteration. As a result, when writing to a file, that file can be watched with tail -f.

  • Changed: Redefine tau_vals as their complex conjugate, fixing a bug in chis_ss and chis_sm (#46)

  • Bugfix: Correctly calculate ∂H/∂ϵ if ϵ occurs in H multiple times (#47, thanks to @uiofgh)

  • Bugfix: Correctly calculate ∂H/∂ϵ=0 if the specific ϵ currently being updated does not occur in H (#48)

  • Added: Method objectives_with_controls for Result object.

0.3.0 (2019-03-01)

  • Added: Preprint citation information (krotov.__arxiv__, krotov.__citation__, krotov.__bibtex__)

  • Added: Ability to continue from a previous optimization (#26)

  • Added: Parameter out to print_table info-hook

  • Added: Parameter finalize to Result.load

  • Added: Ability to dump optimization result every so many iterations (dump_result check-convergence routine)

  • Added: re-entrant option for DensityMatrixODEPropagator

  • Bugfix: Discretize controls to float values (#41)

  • Bugfix: Fix overlap for non-Hermitian operators (#39)

  • Bugfix: Interface for passing tau_vals to chi_constructor (#36)

  • Added: function above_value for convergence check (#35)

0.2.0 (2019-02-14)

  • Added: Implementation of all the standard functionals

  • Added: The info_hook receives additional information, including ∫gₐ(t)dt (#32)

  • Added: Initialization of objectives for gate optimization in Liouville space

  • Added: A new propagator DensityMatrixODEPropagator for faster density matrix propagation

  • Added: Support for “stateful” propagators by subclassing from krotov.propagators.Propagator

  • Changed: more flexibility for parallelization (#29)

  • Added: Support for the second-order pulse update

  • Changed: The options for the controls (λₐ, update-shape) are now passed through a simplified dict interface, instead of a custom PulseOptions class.

0.1.0 (2018-12-24)

  • Initial release with complete implementation of first-order Krotov’s method

  • Support for state-to-state and gate optimization, for both closed and open systems